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Installing the ListingSentry™


The application of the ListingSentry™ is for Real Estate professionals to provide a monitoring service of their Listings. This enhances the service offered to Home Sellers and a competitive edge for RE Professionals at a Listing Presentation.

QRCode V380Pro.jpg

STEP 1. "V3380 Pro" Search from Google Play or Apple Store or scan the QRCode and install APP "V380 Pro". Register your "V380 Pro" APP using an email and your password of choice.


STEP 2. Remove ListingSentry™ from the box. Carefully insert an SD Card in the TF Card Slot in the side of the Bulb, ensuring the gold contacts on the SD Card are facing the screw end of the Bulb.


Step 7. Your phone has to be connected to your WiFi network. You should then see your network name under WiFi Name. Enter your WiFi password and press next on the following screen:


STEP 3. Connect the Sentry to a screwed E27 fixture and turn on the power supply. Listen for the following from the ListingSentry™ "System is Starting" and "System Start-up Completed."


Step 4.Retreive the "Reset Key" from the packaging.

The following actions must be carried out with the Phone, ListingSentry™, and the WiFi Router within a few meters of each other.


Step 5. With the LS-powered on, Insert the Reset Key into the Reset hole on the white surface of the LS. Press against the Micro Switch and hold till "Restore Factory default setting" is announced by the LS then remove the Reset Key. The LS will say "Waiting for WiFi smart link configuration" 

On your Phone, Open settings - Wifi and scan for the LS. The LS will appear as a number like MV2345678. Connect to the LS.

Step 6. Open APP V380 Pro. Select "WiFi Smart Link"

Step 8. Searching for the camera through your WiFi connection:-

Camera sound: “Configuration received” Camera sound: “WiFi connecting” Camera sound: “WiFi connected

Step 9. Successfully installed.


ListingSentry™ Press Play


ListingSentry™ in action.

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