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          The ListingSentry™
Perfect for RE Agents to monitor all of their unoccupied Listings and rentals.
Review and control with your smartphone.
Motion Detection Alerts to your phone when motion detected.
The ListingSentry™
Now with:
  • 30 Day replacement warranty.
  • Listing Presentation Flyer.
  • US$45* Each includes shipping in the USA mainland. (*price subject to change due to tariffs)

       Features of the ListingSentry™

1.360 degrees panoramic view, with motion detection.
2.Support remote viewing on mobile devices. for iPhone and Android. Username & Password protection built-in.
3. Built-in HD video with sound and Microphone.
Supports micro SD card storage up to 128G (not included).
5.Plug & Play smart access without IP setting via routers.
Easy to install with instructions included,

7. Watch real-time video from anywhere anytime thru IP.

8. Price includes shipping.

9. Editable Listing Presentation Brochure for a competitive edge.

10. 30 day limited warranty.

ListingSentry™ specifications:

  • 💡 IDEAL for Listing and Vacation Home Monitoring

  • 💡 LATEST WIRELESS IP 360° CAMERA. HD resolution and 360° fisheye lens provide a panoramic view. 4 different Viewing Modes, merely double-tap to zoom in and focus on the smallest details.

  • 💡 Zero distortion Lens.

  • 💡 Latest Version articulated, extendable LED Bulb for easy install and coverage  

  • 💡 No Blind Area ensures coverage of the entire room being monitored in your Listing.

  • 💡 Advanced night vision. Built-in infrared LED extends the viewing distance to 3 meters in darkness with no light pollution and reduced LED glare.

  • 💡 FAST AND EASY APP SETUP with New design for maximum surveillance

  • 💡 Remotely controlled by Android or iPhone, 2.4G wireless. IP mobile App with User manual.

  • 💡 Comes with an E27 light fixture and mounting kit for installing the ListingSentry™ directly on the ceiling or wall where necessary. 

  • 💡 With built-in Mic and speaker, the Agent can communicate with anyone in range of the ListingSentry™ in real time.

  • 💡 Automatic reboot after a power interruption.

  • 💡 Once setup the Listing Sentry may be relocated anywhere in the range of the same WiFi

  • 💡 The Listing Sentry can also be used to monitor Commercial properties.

  • 💡 MULTIPLE TERMINAL, EASY USE: You can set viewing position of each ListingSentry at installation as well as add several cameras in different locations, monitored by one App.  

  • 💡 Wireless internet service must be available at install site for remote access

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Packing List:

1 ListingSentry™ Wifi Bulb Camera

2.E27 Screw Connector with mounting kit.

3. Reset Key (to restore to Manu. Setting to deploy the bulb at another Listing.

Package Dimensions(L x W x H): 16 x 8 x 5 cm

Package Weight: 300 g

Ships from the USA to USA mainland only

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The ListingSentry is Distributed by Inn Balance, LLC from Florida.

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© Copyright 2018 All rights reserved by Inn Balance LLc.


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