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Listing Pres Broshure

"Give me the keys!"


I am a "ListingSentry™ Realtor®.


My most joyous moment is when I close the sale on your property.

Most satisfying is your trust when you give me the Keys and say “Sell it” after a Listing Presentation.

With your keys in a Lockbox hanging of your doorknob, I now have the authority to grant access to people to enter your home or commercial building.

Am I, therefore, responsible for the security of your home? No!. Adequate security is always the choice of the Owner.

However, with authority goes responsibility. Being the one with your keys, I should be the first to know when anyone enters your Property.

As a ListingSentry™ Realtor®, I can monitor all individuals that enter your home in real time. Additionally, in case of loss or damage, a recording covering the past 12 days will help with the cause of loss and asset recovery or claim.


Feel more comfortable being able to pop into your home from afar at any time? I can share access to my ListingSentry™ with your phone.

At no cost to you, I commit to personally monitor all who enter your property, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until it is sold.

My ListingSentry™ is installed immediately you give me the keys to your unoccupied property with internet service present.

Ask any competing Realtor®, “Are you a ListingSentry™ Realtor®” If the answer is no, ask yourself, are you getting the service you and your valuable property deserve. Then give me a call at...

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